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Latino Veterans in Action (LVA), a San Antonio-based nonprofit, has a big mission: to strengthen and forge communities in America by empowering Latino veterans across the country with leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a national reach.

LVA has provided support to Latino Veterans over the past ten years to help them transition from military life into leadership roles in their communities. Our national, regional, and local business partnerships and teachings are applied to the increasing number of Latino veterans across the country.

LVA is creating an empowering national ecosystem for Latino veterans. Strong community partnerships are the foundation of this ecosystem. They share a common mindset for growth and mutual assistance. The ecosystem includes mentors, capital providers, corporate contacts, and other networks.

Latino Veterans in Action has been working with partners since 2016 to strengthen local communities and empower Latino veterans across the country. We are committed to providing the best possible support and tools for Latino veterans looking to thrive and grow.


Denise Amaya

Program Manager

TX HAF Program

Sam Manago

Intake Specialist

TX HAF Program Counties Served

Polo Ramirez

Intake Specialist

TX HAF Program Counties Served

Sergio Zubieta

Intake Specialist

TX HAF Program Counties Served


Image by Albert Dera


Miguel Aldana

Image by Robert Godwin


Julio Niño

Image by Ali Morshedlou


Pedro Gonzalez

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